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Bruteless Bubble Hash Washing Vessel

Bruteless Bubble Hash Washing Vessel

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The best in hash washing vessels. PurePressure's new passivated 304 stainless steel, FDA food contact approved Bruteless seamless sanitary construction helps you make better hash and manage fluid transfer with ease. The Bruteless washing system enables users to much more easily manage the fill and drain process, saving you time and money. The skim port allows you to drain off chlorophyll-rich water, keeping it away from your high quality ice water hash.


Insulated, food contact approved hash washing vessels

Sanitary welded stainless steel, built in North America

Each Bruteless washing vessel is made with durable, food contact approved, sanitary welded stainless steel. This ensures cleaning is a breeze and enables users to keep their wash environment as clean as possible compared to plastic-based solutions. Bruteless vessels are proudly built in North America.

Available in multiple sizes

With 4 sizes available, you can select the vessel that works best for your needs. Sizes include 20, 30, 44, and 65 gallon versions. The Bruteless vessel collection spans options from small batch washing for hash enthusiasts all the way to satisfying the biggest commercial laboratory's needs. See the More Information section below for batch capacities and dimensions.

Industry leading features

The primary Bruteless washing vessel includes an integrated stainless steel false bottom that protects your trichomes during the wash process, keeping your bags and ice 3" above your hash. The integrated baffles in the false bottom create a turbulent-free zone at the bottom of the vessel to protect your trichomes. Both vessels come with a thick 1" cryogenic insulation sleeve which helps reduce ice usage by up to 50% and is removable for easy cleaning.

Ports and accesories galore

Each Bruteless vessel comes with strategically placed ports that enable hash washers to customize them to their exact liking. Operators can use these ports to skim, fill, drain, attach hoses or a sight glass, and much more.

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