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FDA cGMP 5 Cu Ft Press / No viton gaskets / No cake hopper

FDA cGMP 5 Cu Ft Press / No viton gaskets / No cake hopper

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Filter presses have become a crucial piece of equipment in many industries, providing a fast and efficient way to filter various solutions. They are used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mining industries, among others, to remove solids, separate liquids, and clarify solutions. In the botanical industry, filter presses are commonly used for the removal of lipids and polishing of oleoresin. With their ability to handle a variety of solutions, filter presses have become a versatile tool for any operation that requires filtration.

FDA cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) filter press for lipids removal and for polishing up any Oleoresin dissolved in a solvent. We only sell FDA Compliant filter presses capable of filtering solvents at -40 Celsius.

There is no faster or more convenient way to filter your solution than a filter press.  We recommend this unit per batch every +/-2 Hours:

  • 116 liters of lipids (fats, waxes)

  • 232 liters of crude (@50% lipids)

  • 2,322 liters (614 Gallons) of 10:1 Mixture (Solvent/Crude)


  • Plate Size: 630 x 630 mm

  • Capacity: 5 cu. ft.

    • Expandable to 10 cu. ft. (plates sold separately)

    • Reduceable to 2 cu. ft. (backer plate sold separately)

  • Filter Surface area: 102 sq. ft. (also expandable to 204 sq. ft.)

  • Feed Pressure: 100 PSI

  • Dimensions: 141”L x 36”W x 52”H

  • Filter Plates: Durable, specialty polypropylene for low-temperature operation, EDPM gasketed.

  • Filter Cloth: Leak Free, EDPM Gasketed Polypropylene

  • Hydraulics Closure: Air Operated Automatic, Vegetable Oil Fluid

  • Feed Manifold: 304 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tri-Clamp Type with SS connection plate.

  • Manifold Options Included:

    • Precoat Manifold

    • Center Feed.

    • Air Blowdown.

  • Feed Pump*: 1.5” FDA Compliant 316SS Dual Diaphragm pump with Santoprene diaphragms.

  • Area Classification: Class 1 Division 1 and 2 Compliant (C1D1 and C1D2)

Benefits of this system:

  • FDA cGMP Compliant

  • Operate safely at -40 Celsius

  • Labor savings.

  • Solvent savings.

  • Time savings.

  • Safe and easy to use.

  • Quick and easy to clean.

  • We stock all consumables at reasonable prices.

  • Multi-function unit can filter solids (Carbon, clay, silica, plant particles), remove lipids, and clarify.

  • Fast filtering. Filters under pressure for higher speeds without danger of boiling solvent under vacuum.

  • Made in the USA

Basic Pricing:

A) FDA cGMP 5 Cubic Foot Filter Press $44,030.00

B) Add extra plates to covert to 10 Cubic Feet $6,120.00

C) Add Dumpster Bins for waste removal to $2,450.00 (2 Required)

D) Add CGR Tool Kit for cloth maintenance $495.00

E) Add Viton Plate Gaskets for cold temperature operations. $1,430.00 (5 CuFt)

F) Add Pre-Coat Tank Stainless Steel $8,750.00

G) Add Pre-Coat Tank PE (No pipes) $4,785.00

Startup, Support, Training per Day $1,950.00 plus travel expenses

*Various pump materials are available. 

This machine is the critical step missing in your MIPs lab between your initial extraction (Ethanol, CO2, BHO) and your solvent recovery system.  No more filtering by hand.

Oleoresin must be dissolved in a solvent like ethanol, isopropanol, and methanol.  We do not recommend pentane or hexane.

The recessed plate filter press allows you to customize the number of filter plates and thus the filtration capacity of the unit. This versatility allows you to expand your equipment as your operation grows, but also to reduce the capacity when you need to process a small batch.

We design our press with an air bleed system, so you can clear out all your solution from the press and filtration media so there is no waste from soaked filter aides such as DE, clay or carbon or lots of solution in your pipes and plates.

You must have a tank or barrel where your solution is stored, preferably agitated.  The included pump will suck the solution from wherever you are storing it and run it through the filtration plates. We can provide an agitation tank for you if one is not available.

Further clarification and decontamination are achieved by using a silica-based filter aide such as DE or Perlite to produce a tincture that is as clear as possible which has been scrubbed of dirt and debris, mold, and bacteria, most color from chlorophyll and other contaminants, heavy metals from fertilizers, and some chemicals from pesticides.

It includes everything needed to get you going (you must supply compressed air), operating instructions, and support.

All valves and plumbing are included, and we use sanitary Tri-Clamp fittings so this unit is easy to disassemble and clean.  We know how nasty and sticky oleoresins are so this machine breaks down quickly so you can clean in compliance with FDA guidelines.

This unit will save you money the day you set it up.  Labor savings alone pay for this machine.  Because the unit is a closed-loop system, you will not lose solvent to evaporation during filtration.

We manufacture our equipment in the USA by skilled craftsmen using American-made components.

Manufacturing times vary.  Shipping will be invoiced separately. 

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