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Automated Pressure Control Upgrade Kit

Automated Pressure Control Upgrade Kit

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Step into the future a little early. The Automated Pressure Control upgrade kit is the next major evolution in commercial rosin pressing. This feature upgrade kit replaces your PurePressure Dual Pressure regulator system with a fully digital pressure control unit, thereby dramatically increasing material throughput and ease of use, even with the most difficult to press materials. This upgrade kit is available for all PurePressure rosin presses as a one time, plug-and-play upgrade, which runs on our Pressware™ system.

Take your legacy PurePressure rosin press to the next level

Unparalleled control options

With the Automated Pressure Control upgrade kit, you can control your pressure completely from the Pressware™ touch screen interface, with increments as low as 1 PSI at a time, or simply set your PSI to whatever you wish.

Even more features for hash makers

With the new warmup feature, you can pause the position of your rosin press heat plates on your material without applying any force so what you can pre-warm your material, just like a hydraulic rosin press.

Hit go and let the system do the rest

Pick a bag size and material type to let the press do the work automatically with PurePressure's pre-built recipes, or make your own recipes with discrete pressure stages that then can be used anytime with the push of a button - no more manual adjusting during your rosin pressing!

Installs quickly and easily

This plug and play upgrade requires simple tools and can be done in less than a half an hour with our helpful how-to video.

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