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Axis Trichome Separator

Axis Trichome Separator

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PurePressure's Axis trichome separator offers unparalleled control, machine utilization, and scalability for solventless processors. Its unique design separates the washing vessel from the source of agitation, which enables extractors to wash in one vessel while the next one is being filled, pre-soaked, or filtered. This creates massive efficiencies both in terms of batch processing throughput and labor cost savings. Built in the USA, the Axis' wash down rated stainless steel housing allows for easy cleaning and sanitation. It also features a joystick that's coupled with a touch screen control panel to mimic hand-paddle agitation. Begin washing like a pro from the start with preset and custom recipes, further increasing your ability to produce challenging SKUs like full melt or six star hash with ease and consistency.


Hand paddle quality hash, now available at scale

Less work, more hash

The Axis trichome separator system is the latest evolution in solventless processing technology, enabling hash makers to greatly increase efficiency and throughput of their hash washing process. By separating the source of agitation from the vessel, the Axis allows operators to simultaenously wash in one vessel, while pre-soaking, settling, draining, and filtering in others.

Mimics hand paddle agitation

By utilizing an ultra low shear gearbox-adjusted servo motor instead of high shear impellers common in other trichome separators, the Axis mimics hand paddle control so that users can make any type of ice water hash SKU with ease. The joystick paddle controller is combined with the Pressware™ touchscreen interface, which enables operators to easily create their own custom hash washing recipes or use factory tuned pre-loaded ones for true washing consistency from batch to batch.

Massive throughput and quick ROI

Wash, filter, and collect up to 132 lb (120,000 grams) or more of fresh frozen material per 9 hour shift with the Axis trichome separator. ROI achievable in 2 months or less for most operations, and labor savings ROI alone is often achieved versus hand-washing in 6 months or less.

Backwards compatible with most existing Bruteless vessels

The Axis trichome separator system is backwards compatible with existing 30, 44, and 65 gallon Bruteless hash washing vessels. With its quick change paddle system, you can easily swap paddles to wash in different sized vessels depending on your batch size and needs.

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