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CannaBeast 13 With HMI Package

CannaBeast 13 With HMI Package

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Lab Society has partnered with InCon Process Systems (IPS) to bring the industry the most comprehensive, USA-made Stainless Steel single stage continuous short path distillation plant on the market. Designed solely around distilling high boiling point compounds coupled with low boiling point constituents in feed stock, the CannaBeast has all the features necessary to streamline and maximize throughput.


0.13m² Evaporation Surface Area 

High efficiency short path thin film evaporator with exceptional evaporation surface area

Precise & Continuous Operation

EliteLab HMI gives users precise control over all system parameters with the ability to save customer presets/recipes for repeatability and ease of use

Dual-Pump Manifold Advantage

Singe stage units featuring a dual-pump manifold with two vacuum pumps: a dry diaphragm pump for volatile stripping, and a high-vacuum pump for heavy compound distillation

InCon has over 25 years of high-vacuum distillation technology experience.

They’ve designed, built, and operated some of the world’s largest distillation plants, working with hundreds of different compounds. InCon’s experience and knowledge ranges from highly specialized fractional distillation plants (and lab-scale precision systems) to 50m², industrial-scale distillation plants.

Their expertise and experience has set them apart in the short path and thin film distillation markets. Our partnership has allowed us to take true industrial manufacturing experience and scale it down for smaller sectors, with a focus on automation, reliability, and achieving 24/7 manufacturing capabilities.

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