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Commercial Hash Washing Filtration Package

Commercial Hash Washing Filtration Package

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This carefully engineered filtration package was designed from start to finish to complement the Axis trichome separator or any solventless laboratories to scale their ice water hash production to the next level. Instead of relying on gravity draining, the Commercial Hash Washing Filtration Package utilizes our Pneumatic Hash Pump to efficiently and gently move trichome-laden water into the included filtration vessels. The operator may simply finish a wash, wheel their Bruteless wash vessel over to the filtration station, meanwhile the next batch is already washing. This represents the latest and most efficient hash washing filtration technology that PurePressure has to offer.


Ultra efficient hash washing filtration

The whole kit and kaboodle

The Commercial Hash Washing Filtration Package is perfect for hash makers who are looking to maximize both quality and efficiency - this carefully engineered kit includes everything your lab needs to quickly drain and filter ice water hash from your Axis trichome separator or any other Bruteless vessel system.

Every item you need to make melt

With everything you need, this package includes all of the pumps, hoses, vessels, bags, and fittings shown so that your operation can filter its ice water hash without needing to gravity drain. For a full list of items included, check out the "More Information" tab below.

Works with low ceilings

Many cold rooms and wash rooms have low ceilings, so this filtration package is meant for small areas and tight spaces to filter bubble hash without needing to stand up on a step ladder or from a table.

Complete instructions included

Never used our Pneumatic Hash Pump, or are you just used to gravity draining? The Commercial Hash Washing Filtration Package comes with complete assembly and usage instructions, including setup and a video overview so that you can make premium ice water hash the day you get it.

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