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Expandable Ice Water Hash Washing Liner

Expandable Ice Water Hash Washing Liner

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Introducing PurePressure's premium, food grade, expandable hash washing liners. Sewn in Denver, Colorado, they are available in three sizes to fit any 30, 44, or 65 gallon Bruteless hash washing vessel. These liners are designed to expand the filtration mesh inside the vessel leaving a gap between the mesh and the vessel wall for draining and settling. With hoop-shaped dowels at the top and bottom of the wash liner, you're guaranteed to have an unobstructed wash environment for maximum longevity and increased efficiency. They also work perfect for hand washing applications and are a considerable upgrade to our standard Open Ice Water Hash Washing Liners.


Rigid where you need it, yet flexible to your process

Designed for use with the Axis

These expandable hash wash liners are similar to our standard liners, but have a hoop-shaped dowel at the top and bottom to hold a cylindrical shape to the flexible mesh wall of the liner. This feature is critical to prevent entanglement of the liner with the Axis paddle during the automated wash cycle.

Food grade compliant construction

All of PurePressure's open hash washing liners are made in Denver, Colorado from FDA food grade compliant nylon mesh and polypropylene canvas for unmatched durability. The dowels are constructed of FDA recognized acetal and polyethylene.

Made for high volume washing

Each wash liner features strong polyester diamond braid draw cord with polypropylene and stainless steel cord locks to tightly fit around your vessel, ensuring a no-slip grip.

Easier waste removal

The shape is rigid for washing, yet flexible when you lift it out for waste removal. All three wash liner sizes also feature ultra durable polypropylene lift straps, which are rated up to a 200 lb. max load capacity for hoisting ice and wet flower, safely and easily.

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