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Extraction Lab Cleaning Kit

Extraction Lab Cleaning Kit

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A clean lab is a happy lab - and one that makes better hash. Keeping your hash making operation thoroughly clean is a no brainer, but the tools needed to get the job done aren't always the easiest to determine. That's why we came up with this one-and-done Lab Cleaning Kit, which works great for any cannabis extraction or processing facility. It's specifically geared towards ice water hash production labs, but all of the products contained in it are helpful for any operation. Designed to help clean floors, tables, and multiple surfaces, this kit has what your lab needs.


Everything you need to keep your lab clean in one box

Top quality REMCO cleaning products

This lab-tested curated combination of ultra durable REMCO cleaning products is meant to give you all of the tools you need to keep your processing lab clean.

Durable food grade construction

Each product in this kit is made of high quality food grade plastics and compounds that are engineered to be used daily by high output operations.

All in one kit that ships free

If you want to maximize your lab's potential product quality, this all in one box is ready to help your lab stay squeeky clean. Also, it ships free to the lower 48!

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