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HVE HiVE15 Standard Package

HVE HiVE15 Standard Package

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We have partnered with HVE to bring a revolutionary redesign of the hybridized wiped/thin-film evaporator capable of fast and precise distillation, translating to savings in time and resources!

These elegant and modular systems were engineered with flexibility and ease of use in mind. The HiVE15 and HiVE30 models are here to claim their place in the market!


Modular Processing Options

Choose between volatile stripping at higher rates vs. cutting/polishing with higher quality fractions. Quick release fittings allow the internal condenser or stripping cone to be swapped within minutes. 

Short Path Thin Film Operation

(Internal Condenser Installed) 

  • Best for medium to heavy compound stripping and polishing 

  • Maximizes condensation efficiency via short vapor path length

External Condenser Thin Film Operation

(Stripping Cone Installed) 

  • Best used for volatile stripping,  higher vapor pressure compounds 

  • Allows lighter compounds to exit evaporator as vapor path is extended 

Competitive Advantage

Customizable Processing Vapor Paths via Unique Configuration Options

The dual-port design allows for co-current and concurrent vapor path configurations, and a reversible wiper motor with vectored blades allows for tailored material residence times. 

Fast & Easy Assembly and Cleaning

One tool, one person, 10 minute assembly or breakdown reduces cleaning and system downtimes, increasing your bottom line. Clean with your desired solution, while at high temps, without damage to the evaporator body and/or components.

Faster Cycle Times via High-Quality Materials

Stainless steel construction allows for quick heating and cooling, allowing for accelerated system startup and cooldown cycles. Proprietary Aerogel insulated thermal wrap ensures consistent temperatures while also increasing heat retention resulting in reduced power costs and increased performance.

High Expandability & Portability

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