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PTFE Sheet .004" x 12.25" x 20.25"-25pk

PTFE Sheet .004" x 12.25" x 20.25"-25pk

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Introducing our latest rosin collection surface and heat plate barrier material - virgin USA made PTFE sheets! These multi-use PTFE sheets are food grade and can be especially useful for terpene separations. Collecting your rosin is typically easier with PTFE than it is with parchment paper as the surface is non-porous and non-stick. These sheets may be hand-creased and easily maintain their shape for custom folding or directional flow rosin pressing. We offer two standard sizes that are custom cut to fit any of our rosin presses and can be used with any other rosin press just as well!


Multi-use PTFE sheets for any rosin press

Get up to 5 presses per sheet

These premium virgin PTFE non-stick sheets are good for up to 5 presses, or in some cases more, so that you can re-use sheets as a plug-and-play substitute for parchment paper.

Perfect for any kind of rosin

Whether you're pressing flower rosin, dry sift rosin, or ice water hash rosin, PTFE sheets provide a great surface to press on for easy collection.

Super thick, super durable

Coming in at 4 mils (0.004"), each sheet is 33% thicker than our 35lb parchment paper and is rated for use up to 500°F with other applications.

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