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PurePressure Pneumatic Hash Pump

PurePressure Pneumatic Hash Pump

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Gravity draining and feeding is a thing of the past with the all new PurePressure Pneumatic Hash-Safe Pump. Do you have low ceilings and can't quite fit a gravity feed Bruteless hash washing system into your lab? Or, do you need to connect multiple/separate hash systems together? This state-of-the-art stainless steel fluid management system can do it all. You'll never have to worry about damaging sensitive trichomes again with the low-shear design of this pump system. Its integrated controls allow the operator to adjust pressure and speed of the pump on the fly.


The ice water hash game changer

Ultra-low shear design

The PurePressure Pneumatic Hash Pump was engineered specifically for hash makers who need to quickly and gently move their trichome-laden water from their wash vessel to their drain vessel. It's ultra-low shear diaphragm design enables operators to perfectly preserve their trichomes when pumping.

Food grade construction

The stainless steel hardware and PTFE diaphragm assembly are all food grade compliant and disassemble extremely easily for daily cleaning so that your hash washing process can stay clean and efficient.

Integrated flow controller

Running only on compressed air, the integrated flow controller allows hash makers to decide how quickly they want to move water depending on production need and hash quality. Making adjustments is simple and intuitive so operators can move water just the way they'd like.

Make ice water hash more efficiently

This Pneumatic Hash Pump is a game changer for solventless labs and makes gravity draining a thing of the past, which dramatically increases throughput for any sized lab.

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