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PX5 Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractor

PX5 Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractor

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Our next-level closed-loop extractor for butane and propane

The PX5’s unique passive recovery design offers immediate economic benefits to cannabis operators of any size. The optimized extraction path reduces batch times driving increased daily production up to 33%.

By eliminating the need for a dedicated pump, the PX5 saves up to 40% annually in energy costs over comparable traditional systems while simultaneously eliminating the maintenance and replacement expense normally associated with system pumps.

Designed for rapid material changeover, the PX5 enables operators to increase hourly extract production by 200% when compared to similar sized batch extractors.


Next Level Hydrocarbon Extraction

Integrated, replaceable, and washable food-grade neoprene jackets for the solvent and material columns enable a seamless operation under extreme low temperatures preventing external ice build up.

All New Expandable Design

The PX5 hydrocarbon extraction system features an expandable linear design that has been engineered for simplicity while offering the latest hydrocarbon extraction technology.

Rethinking Solvent Recovery

Created with the operator in mind, the PX5 offers ultra-low temperature operation with fast recovery times, with or without a compressor. All functions and features are easily assessable in a linear process flow with conveniently located controls and ergonomics designed for the operator.  

Operate With Confidence

The PX5 comes equipped with modern features and a robust, expandable rack-mounted design. Each unit comes standard with a 5lb material column, and an integrated CRC column to create high terpene full spectrum live resin or further refinement of low-quality biomass into valuable end products. 

Insightful Design

An integrated condenser coil reduces solvent recovery times and lets you operate without the added cost and maintenance requirements of a C1D1 rated compressor.

Compliant For Tomorrow

The PX5 Hydrocarbon extractor is C1D1 compliant, engineer peer-reviewed, and made entirely in the USA. Built to full 3A sanitary and cGMP standards, the PX5 has been engineered with future state compliance in mind to protect your safety as well as your investment making it the best cannabis extraction equipment on the market.

Award Winning Extracts

Our extraction systems produce more award-winning concentrates than any other brand. Why? Because we refuse to sacrifice our standards. High-quality products require high-quality extraction.

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